Infor Factory Track 5.00.00 has become generally available!!

Date Posted: 11-3-2014

For those of you who may have missed it Infor’s next iteration of Warehouse Mobility, Factory Track, has been released to general availability. For more information see the official Infor announcement below…

Infor Factory Track™ 5.00.00 is a new Infor Mongoose developed solution for Infor SyteLine. Factory Track delivers a common platform with consistent user experience for manufacturers to help automate their data collection, labor, and shop floor activities. Factory Track integrates with SyteLine versions 9.00.00 and above.

Factory Track is a comprehensive solution designed to help manufacturers increase their operational efficiency and help improve visibility across the warehouse and the shop floor. This solution offers three key modules:

  • Shop Floor automates production schedule execution, dispatch operations, and work center operations. This module helps enable paperless shop floor operations, which allows for greater visibility of the shop floor, increased process control, and greater accountability:

What’s new:

  • Automate work center operations via a brand-new, touch-screen user interface. Issue materials to jobs, and work-centers. Report on job receipts and scraps.
  • Receive latest production schedule information from SyteLine and execute jobs (both direct and indirect).
  • Support various types of Labor Collection:
    • Employee reporting (one employee – one job)
    • Workset reporting (one employee – multiple jobs)
    • Team reporting (multiple employees – one job)
    • Team workset reporting (multiple employees – multiple jobs)
  • Enable Kanban Management with inventory, purchase order, transfer order, and just in time (JIT) replenishment types.
  • Provide visibility into production status with dispatch operations functionality.
  • Print barcode labels.
  • Warehouse Mobility helps simplify inventory management, helps automate data collection, and helps eliminate errors and inventory write-offs. This real-time inventory management component helps manufacturers gain visibility into their material movements and automate both inbound and outbound logistics.

What’s new:

  • Rewrites existing Warehouse Mobility module to Infor Mongoose.
  • Lean manufacturing capabilities via a Kanban-based replenishment system supports 4 order types—stock move, transfer order, purchase order, and JIT production order
  • Supports additional inventory transactions, such as: containerization, negative inventory, non-inventory items, tax free materials, etc.
  • Supports material issue to service orders via SyteLine Field Service integration.
  • Includes new browser-based interface with touch-screen support.
  • Prints barcode labels.
  • Time Track collects labor, time, and attendance. This module provides easy payroll extracts to feed payroll applications, while also synchronizing the workforce with manufacturing activities that can help organizations increase productivity and control labor costs.

What’s new:

  • “Punch to payroll” attendance automation with support for various types of shifts (static, dynamic), employee types, and attendance rules
  • Ability to record labor against various types of direct and indirect jobs along with support for projects
  • Supervisor dashboards and ability for supervisors to review labor and attendance reports before submitting to payroll
  • Ability to integrate with Warehouse Mobility and Shop Floor to allow users to record time against jobs through various devices

Factory Track is a browser-based portfolio and can be accessed via a desktop client or through any browser-based device that supports a HTML5 interface (e.g., Android, iOS, and Blackberry).

You can download Infor Factory Track 5.00.00 from the Infor Product Download Center. Users can also submit a general information request under the “incidents” menu on Infor Xtreme.

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