The New Global Infor Enhancement Request System

Date Posted: 1-29-2015

Announcing Global Infor Enhancement Request System

In an announcement from Peter Quinn ( Infor announced the limited general availability of the new Global Infor Enhancement Request System (ERS). This development is an initiative of the Customer Experience Board who expressed the need for a unified system that could be used by all customers and for all products.

The system will allow both customers and product management to see all enhancement requests submitted; collaborate on their suitability; prioritize them; and be able to track their status. This, in turn, will reduce and simplify the multiple individual product processes that exist today, and ensure that greater focus is given to the ideas that will best improve Infor products.

Infor will be making the initial launch of this new tool for Infor SyteLine and Infor Distribution SX.e customers ONLY, beginning Feb 9. After a three-month period, Infor will evaluate feedback; make any appropriate changes; and make plans to release the system to all Infor customers.

As a result of this new development, the Sev5 incident option for enhancement requests will no longer be made available for SyteLine and SX.e customers starting Jan 30. This same procedure will be followed as Infor transitions to a global roll-out at a future date. A link will be made available to navigate to Infor ERS via the “Resources” menu within Infor Xtreme.

To get started

  1. Customers will log into Infor Xtreme.
    1. Follow the link to the “Enhancement Request System” option under the Resources menu.
    2. Enter your enhancement requests.
    3. Feedback will be gathered at the annual SyteLine NA Mega User Group Meeting and the TUG Mega Meeting in May.
  2. Training opportunities via WebEx:
    1. Infor SX.e NA/EMEA – Feb 3 (9:00 AM EST)
    2. Infor SyteLine NA/EMEA – Feb 4 (9:00 AM EST)
    3. Infor SyteLine APAC – Feb 4 (11:00 PM EST)

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