SUN Conference 2015 – Session Highlight

Date Posted: 3-6-2015

Well everyone, the 2015 SUN Conference is now 2 months away. The session card is filled out and we’d like to take a moment to highlight a few of the highly anticipated sessions.

Here are few highlights of our user led sessions:

“Vendorizing” Forms by Jesse Brohinsky of Linemaster Switch Corporation – Over time, form customizations in SyteLine can easily get out of hand, and every unnecessary change to a form is a liability when you want to upgrade SyteLine. Additionally, after running FormSync you may find that the state of the form appears worse than if you were to just push the “reset” button and start over. In this session, we will discuss tools and techniques you can use to minimize your customization’s impact to the form, and how to best cleanup after FormSync hits your form with the “Ugly Stick.”

Infor Sales Portal – A real life implementation by Chirs Gonzalez of Fluid Components – A discussion and use case about a SyteLine company since 1995. Who performed a conversion upgrade from SyteLine 5 Progress to 8.01 in 2008 with BuyDesign Configurator implementation. Then made decision (November 2012) was made to extend the installation to include Channel Sales online Sales Portal. Through the process of deciding to use and implement the Sales Portal. Into the implementation of Sales Portal which began in January of 2013 and live on October 1st of 2014. The trials, tribulations and successes of the implementation and what it takes to keep it running. Along with a demonstration of the installation.

SyteLine SQL Optimization and Maintenance by Jesse Solomon of Apptrix/Watermark – Best practices to keep your SQL environment running optimally including SyteLine specific maintenance and SQL tips that can be used for any system.

And a few highlights of the sessions brought to us by Infor:

Infor CRM for Manufacturing by David Mueller – Acquire and grow customer relationships with Infor CRM solutions built upon Salesforce and Microsoft CRM. Come see how Infor’s CRM solutions delivers both ERP integration and new CRM functionality specifically for SyteLine customers.

Cloudsuite Industrial Overview by Debbie Baldwin – What is CloudSuite Industrial; bundles, pricing, benefits! Reduce TCO with the new options.

Application Event System Basics for Notifications by Mike Keating – Be notified automatically on update. Learn how to enable existing Events or create your own Notification type events using the Application Event System.

And let’s not forget the always anticipated SyteLine roadmap brought to us by Dinah Gradis herself..

Hope to see you all there!!

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