SUN Conference 2015 – The SyteLine RoadMap

Date Posted: 4-17-2015

If you’re going to the SUN conference coming up May 6th – 8th in Nashville, TN then I sure you are eagerly awaiting the SyteLine roadmap presented to you by the SyteLine queen herself, Dinah Gradis.

For those of you who aren’t going then I ask why not? Hurry register!! We would love to see you there!

But back to my point. We’ve reached out to Dinah to see if she could give us a few highlights she plans to talk about during her roadmap presentation, and this is what we got back!!

  • What is Infor XI – For those who were at Inforum 2014 you may have heard a little about Infor XI. Its Infor’s next version of their application technology platform and Dinah will talk about what it means to you the SyteLine user.
  • What’s coming in 9.00.30 – I’m sure we are all eager to hear what’s coming in the next iteration of SyteLine. Dinah will talk about 9.00.30 and hopefully a little about the direction they are heading from there.
  • What’s happening with Reporting – If you’ve been paying attention to Infor’s webinars or our LinkedIn discussion you may have heard there is some uncertainty about the future of SSRS and SyteLine. Dinah’s going to give you the scoop as to what is really going on with reporting and SyteLine’s future.
  • What is CloudSuite Industrial – So what is CloudeSuite Industrial and what does it mean to a SyteLine user. Find out exactly what it means at Dinah’s SyteLine roadmap session.

So I’m sure you all can see there are some great things that will be talked about for the future of SyteLine. Remember there is only one way to hear it for yourself and that’s by attending. So register now for the SUN Conference 2015 in Nashville, TN!!

As always hope to see you all there!! And don’t forget, early registration is open Tuesday May 5th, 3 – 9 PM!!

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