IEV Version Released

Date Posted: 7-7-2015

Announcing IEV Version

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 IEV Maintenance Release is now available.

Download IEV today for bug fixes and great new features!

Some highlights:

  • A new parameter control type has been added. The DateRange control provides a drop down list containing common date ranges. When you submit a selected date range, your view will be filtered to only return data that appears within that date range. This control is available both as a view parameter and as a script prompt.
  • The data source functions for client scripts (CreateDataConnection, etc.) are now available in ExecInitScriptPrompts and ExecValidateScriptPrompts. This is in addition to the other methods where the data source functions are already available. These methods are only available for server-side client scripts.
  • Long running preview queries that are launched within the Query Editor can now be canceled.
  • The query plan has been cleaned up so that all SQL statements can be pasted directly into SSMS and ran without changes.
  • Several new graph options have been added to the view designer, allowing for greater customization of the various chart types.
  • It is now possible to insert view parameter values into an output report.
  • A new application option provides a value-range delimiter which can be utilized in view parameters. This delimiter allows you to specify starting and ending values such as dates, numbers, or names. The view will then be filtered to display just those records that fall within that range. No need, anymore, to set up two parameters to specify a range – just instruct your uses to specify “a:c” to see customers a through c, for example.

And much more! See the “readme.txt” file on the download site for complete information.

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