Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) 9.00.30 Released!

Date Posted: 11-13-2015

Announcing new Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) offering

Infor is pleased to announce the general availability of Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) 9.00.30.  Infor CloudSuite Industrial 9.00.30 focuses on performance enhancements, new features to support finance and human resources, and new integrations with Infor PLM Accelerate and Infor™.

More information and downloads

Product documentation can be found on the Infor Xtreme Portal. From the Infor Xtreme home page, select Search > Browse Documentation > CloudSuite Business or Industrial > ERP > 9.00.  You can also click here to review the release notes.

Customers can download Infor CloudSuite Industrial 9.00.30 from the Infor Product Download Center. From the Infor Xtreme home page, select Downloads > Products, then select Infor > Enterprise Resource Planning > Infor CloudSuite Business & Industrial (SyteLine). The system administrator should have a login and password for this system. If not, customers should submit a General Request under the “incidents” menu on Infor Xtreme.

If a customer is upgrading to Infor CloudSuite Industrial from a version prior to Infor SyteLine 9.00.00, they will need to sign an upgrade order form. Please have them contact their sales representative to complete this process.

If customers have any questions, they should contact Infor Xtreme Support.

Infor Support Policy

To help Infor be more responsive to customer needs regarding critical patches, they would like to remind customers of their current support policy. While it is the customer’s responsibility to consult the exact language of the contract, their current policy is to maintain the most current release and the release immediately preceding.

We realize that upgrading to the latest release for some customers cannot be accomplished without proper planning and budgeting. The upgrade requirements from one release to another vary in difficulty and resources required. However, please remember that the further back from the most current release, the more effort, resources, and training are likely required to upgrade to the latest release.

Customers should consult the chart below to identify when critical patches will no longer be provided for previous versions. As with all Infor products, customers will still be able to receive support line assistance after Infor stops providing critical patches, as long as they have a valid support contract. Customers can also access Infor Xtreme to request information, use the Knowledge Base search to find answers, and talk to support representatives regarding their incidents for these versions.

Version Version release date Critical patches provided until
SL 8.02.00 Jun 30, 2010 Jun 30, 2012
SL 8.02.10 Dec 21, 2010 Dec 21, 2012
SL 8.02.20 Apr 3, 2012 Apr 3, 2014
SL 8.03.00 Nov 11, 2011 Nov 11, 2013
SL 8.03.10 Sep 21, 2012 Sep 21, 2014
SL 8.03.20 Jan 17, 2014 Jan 17, 2016
SL 9.00.00 Oct 25, 2013 Oct 25, 2015
SL 9.00.10 Apr 23, 2014 Apr 23, 2016
SL 9.00.20 Nov 21, 2014 Nov 21, 2016

Infor does maintain the capability to patch a version beyond these dates, should a currently unknown issue be discovered that would create a system down situation.

Information can be found on the Infor Xtreme Support Portal under Knowledge Base article 657915 or by searching for the phrase “on-demand patch delivery policy.”

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