SUN Conference 2016: Our Sponsors

Date Posted: 2-19-2016

Today we thought we would take some time to talk about some of the absolutely awesome vendors that are supporting our event. This year we have 3 levels of sponsorship, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. We also have a sponsor for our welcome reception.

First let me thank QBuild for sponsoring our welcome reception and being a gold level sponsor!


1 (905) 479 7811

QBuild Software offers the highest quality of Engineering Design Interface Software on the market today. Since 2002, QBuild has provided superior service to their customers and have assisted them in implementing their CAD ERP Link. Their many years of experience and commitment to excellence have earned them the reputation as the best CAD ERP integrator in North America.


And now let me thank our other gold level sponsors!!


1 (866) 765-8964

CADTalk is an integration between all the major CAD/PDM packages on the market and SyteLine(CloudSuite Industrial).   CADTalk was developed by SyteLine users for SyteLine users in the early 2000’s and is the only CAD integration solution developed and delivered by an Infor Certified Channel Partner.  That means the people at CADTalk have also sold, implemented and have actually used SyteLine. Therefore, the depth of integration to SyteLine is un-matched in the market.  CADTalk is not a generic integration but is a solution specifically designed and developed for SyteLine to deliver CAD integration at its best   If you are interested in a deep feature rich CAD/PDM integration that will save you tons of time and money then you are going to want to check out CADTalk at SUN 2016.


1 (503) 443-2000

Nu Tech has been providing outstanding custom software development, engineering services, database, cloud, network, and support services for over 20 years. Their expertise is in highly available systems and applications; be it manufacturing that must run 24/7 to meet JIT (Just In Time) requirements or e-commerce where an hour of down time could mean thousands of dollars in lost profits. Customers who utilize their team’s skill at system design, integration, development and monitoring sleep more soundly.


Can’t forget to thank our silver level sponsor!

Decision Resources, Inc.

1 (412) 562-9660

Decision Resources, Inc. (DRI) is a Gold Level Business Partner with Infor Global Solutions, working primarily with the Infor SyteLine ERP application. They have offices in Pittsburgh, Austin, Wichita, and Chicago; and work with companies throughout the Ohio Valley, Mid-West, Mid-Atlantic, Central and Southern areas of the United States. They sell and implement SyteLine and other Infor and DRI applications.


And finally our bronze level sponsor!

KJC Consulting Group

1 (330) 704-8480

KJC Consulting Group provides SyteLine Consulting and general business consulting. Their unique experience and skills provide the tools to drive the business and operating changes required to achieve an organization’s strategic vision. The ability to understand the business goals of their customers, the ability to design realistic solutions, and the ability to translate that design into a cost-effective implementation plan is the guiding principles of KJC Consulting Group. They serve clients with a full range of Business Consulting, ERP Implementation, Project Management, Software Selection, Skills Assessment and System Support.


And of course we cannot forget to thank our conference sponsor!!


1 (800) 260-2640


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