SUN Conference 2016: Session Highlight

Date Posted: 3-18-2016

This week we wanted to take a few moments to highlight some of the great sessions we will be offering at the upcoming conference, April 6th – 8th in beautiful Las Vegas, NV.

Now, by no means are we trying to play favorites with the ones we are listing but we have so many sessions at the conference we simply can’t highlight them all so for now let’s look at a few of the user led sessions:

Cursors? We don’t need no stinking cursors!
Jess Brohinsky of Line Master Switch Corp.

For those of us who cut our teeth on earlier versions of SQL, for a long time there was only one way to do certain tasks. Want to iterate through a BOM structure? Use a cursor. Want to do running totals? Use a cursor. Now we have set-based tools to do these things with less complexity in a fraction of the time. This class targets intermediate-level SQL developers, and will introduce and look at some practical ways to use Recursive CTEs and Window Functions in the SyteLine environment.

SyteLine 7 to 9 Upgrade Experience
Brad Harrison of Better Baked Foods

Hear how Better Baked Foods upgraded from Syteline 7.05 to CloudSuite Industrial 9.00.20.  Many aspects of the conversion will be covered including hardware, performance, the conversion process, new features, training, bugs and project management.

The Inventory is Where?
Bruce Carter of Jiffy Tite

Syteline enables companies to place orders, build products and ship to customers. However putting the material away has remained the same for over 25 years. Set up stock locations, and hope the items you receive and pick are found in the stock locations.
Well now that process has finally changed. Jiffy-Tite is using the PickPro software solution from ScottTech and is now is able to manage the put away and retrieval of material. This product has enabled Jiffy-Tite to save warehouse space, improve inventory accuracy, and reduce expediting inventory. PickPro will select the best location to store material saving space and time searching.  The product has been integrated with SyteLine that enables quick implementation.  Come and  see the next step in inventory management.


If you’re not checking out one of the user led sessions you may also want to check out some of the sessions by Infor or one of their many partners like:

  • Check out the latest Shop-Trak, Doc-Trak, Beacon-Trak and Fast-Track Innovation by Greg Lake of the The Lake Co.
  • Fundamentals of Routing Creation for APS, MRP and Scheduling by Kurt Kiley of Adams Automation
  • Multi-Site Implementation by Kathy Crish of KJC Consulting
  • An Overview of SyteLine Costing/Where did that variance come from by Dean Giberson of GodLan
  • Infor CloudeSuite Business Overview by Michelle Rydman of Infor
  • Infor BI (Analytics) by Dinah Gradis of Infor
  • Infor Service Management by Angie Rowley of Infor

And there is plenty more to check out. For the full list of sessions checkout the conference page on the SyteLine User Network website for that and more information.

As always hope to see you at the conference!!

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