Infor Xi Platform 12.0 (on-premise version) Now Available

Date Posted: 6-13-2016

With Infor Xi Platform 12.0, the underlying technology and platform support is standardized across the Infor Xi Platform, which is designed to help enable fewer servers, greater resource utilization, easier administration and management. The whole process of installing, configuring, running, and managing the Infor Xi Platform is now designed to be simpler, more efficient, and easier than ever.

The new release is architected to be in alignment with the current Infor Cloud offerings, which can allow simpler migration to the cloud at a later date should a customer choose to move to the cloud.

Common Infor Xi Platform installation manager

New to version 12.0 is a common installation manager; this functionality can help you define how you would like to implement the Xi Platform for a given environment, then it captures the relevant details in one place. The installation manager initiates the installation of the software on each applicable server in the manner you have chosen. This is designed to allow a simpler, more standardized implementation of the Xi Platform in one process.

Platform support

In keeping with Infor’s current open-standards policy, they have added support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux® and Enterprise DB to the available platforms, while still maintaining the Microsoft® Windows® operating system and SQL Server® support that is currently popular with customers. Support for SUSE Linux is no longer available with this newest release.

The need for third-party content repositories for IDM has been removed with the addition of the new Infor Content Repository. Support for IBM® Content Repository and Microsoft SharePoint® is currently maintained for existing IDM customers wishing to continue use.

The third party-dependency on Microsoft SharePoint has also been removed with the Infor Ming.le™ offering. With version 12.0, Infor is releasing a new Infor Ming.le portal, which is now common between on-premises and cloud versions, which are expected to be released soon. This Infor propriety portal enables them to offer far greater control over the portal’s user interface (UI), features, and functionality. The new portal makes more advanced features possible. Other potential benefits include reduced server resource requirements, new deployment topology options, and the ability to add Enterprise DB as a single database for the Xi Platform.

The use of the Microsoft Silverlight® technology has been completely removed from the Infor Xi Platform 12.0. The ION Desk and IFS UIs have both been rewritten in HTML5 allowing beautiful new user experiences for users.

The full list of supported platform technology, with appropriate version and release numbers, is expected to be announced soon.

Xi Platform highlights

Please see below a number of highlights for each of the components of the Xi Platform 12.0 release. For more details on these and for information on all the changes in the Xi Platform 12.0 release, please reach out to your account executive.

Infor Ming.le™ Enterprise

  • New Infor Ming.le Portal
  • Apple® iOS®, Google® Android™ platform, and Microsoft Windows Mobile version
  • SharePoint context apps removed
  • Non-SharePoint context apps added
  • Context apps by form
  • Unified search
  • New Infor Ming.le homepages
  • Hybrid solution UI unification

Infor Intelligent Open Network (ION)

  • New HTML5 UI
  • New browser-based graphical mapper
  • Enhanced file connector
  • Alerts and Workflows available on supported mobile devices
  • Turbo-charged OneView with Solr technology
  • Hybrid solution integrations

Note: Because Microsoft Silverlight technology has been removed from the Xi Platform, the ION Activity Deck & Activity List products are not included in the version 12.0 release and will not be included in go-forward releases. Functionally similar  features are available within Infor Ming.le Enterprise, which is the UI for end users to collaborate on and work with tasks, notifications, and alerts

Look for an upcoming announcement on how existing ION customers can gain access to Infor Ming.le Enterprise. In the meantime, please reach out to your account executive for the most up-to-date information.

Infor Ming.le Foundation

Infor will no longer offer Infor Ming.le Foundation from Xi Platform 12.0. However, Infor Ming.le Foundation 11.1.6 will continue to be supported, as set forth in Infor’s standard support policy and in accordance with applicable customer contracts.

Infor Ming.le Homepages

New in 12.0 is Infor Ming.le Homepages; a new more flexible and configurable way to present to your users with information and activities. Build pages for users, roles, departments, business functions, etc. Select from the library of available Infor Widgets or build your own. Look for detailed announcements coming soon.

Infor Federation Services (IFS)

  • New HTML5 UI
  • New User Management capabilities
  • New SCIM capabilities
  • Remote Client Access Control
  • Hybrid solution security management

Infor Document Management (IDM)

  • New Infor Content Repository solutions
  • Enhanced ION integration
  • Integrated Capture solution
  • Enhanced UI features and capabilities
  • Extended security control
  • New and extended API support
  • New configuration and management capabilities


  • New Grid UI
  • Improved Scale in / out capabilities
  • Improved HA features
  • Increased security options
  • Greater flexibility and management


New in version 12.0 is the ION API; a managed API layer across all applicable Infor and non-Infor API’s, allowing existing API’s to be exposed in a more standardized, managed, and controllable way. Create more simplified definitions using modern standards and security management parameters for use with external access points, while the internal definition and technology of the existing API’s remains untouched. Help enforce policies to better control security, usage quotas, caching, etc.

Providing simpler authentication of users and control of applicable mobile devices is at the heart of the latest Xi Platform Mobile apps.

Look for detailed announcements coming soon.

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