Announcement of Rate Change

Date Posted: 9-21-2017

Announcement of rate changes

SyteLine User Network (SUN) is a member governed group and strives to fulfill the mission of providing the facilitation of end user networking, collaborating, and training.  We use various tools, as well as events and conferences to successfully accomplish our mission.  SUN operates as a non-profit entity with a board that consists of all volunteers.  This organization structure provides the most value to the members; however, it also means that we only can invest at the level our members allow us through annual membership.

At the 2017 Annual SUN conference there was a successful vote to raise the membership rates for the 2018 calendar year to $250 for member companies and $400 for vendor companies.  The change in membership rate is intended to support the enhancement of existing tools such as the website as well as the release of new tools to facilitate the SUN mission.  We are passing the value directly back to member companies and facilitating the professional growth of our members.

In 2018 we are happy to announce this increase has allowed us to deliver a feature that has repeatedly been asked for.  At the 2018 conference you will be able to use a SUN Conference app complete with session information and other great tools that will teased out over the coming months.  In addition, the website is continually being upgraded to allow for additional sharing between members.  Stay tuned during the 2018 season to watch for new releases as they are rolled out online.

We are striving to deliver the greatest value to our members through investment in tools to enable end users to get the maximum possible value out of their membership.  We will continue to pursue new tools, upgrades to existing tools, and changes to our processes continue in the pursuit of relentless continual improvement for our members.  However; remember that networking together is at the core of the SUN mission and the primary we as a community can achieve that is through attendance at our conferences.

Please share our conference details with your business in whatever effective way you can.  Whether it be the encouraging other departments to attend to learn more about best practices, new features, or meet people who have solved problems you may be dealing with currently.  With over 60 sessions, multiple roundtables, and an extraordinary third party solution presence, the value to attendees extends over the entire year at an unsurpassed value.  We hope to see more people across more job roles attend as we delve deeper, find best practices, and collaborate on solutions that elevate the entire community.

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