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Are you thinking of joining SUN? Browse our frequently asked questions and answers for additional details. If you don’t see your question answered, we invite you to contact us.

  • I am the admin for my company how do I sign up other employees under our company membership?

    Log in as an admin and go to your my account page.  At the bottom of page there is a URL and code.

    You can share both the URL and code with those in your company and they can set up their own login.

  • What is the purpose of SUN?

    The Syteline User Network is a liaison between Infor and the end users. Our goal is to create an environment that efficiently drives experts and professionals in our industry toward a unified understanding of the systems and processes we use every day, specifically those related to SyteLine, Infor CloudSuite and Infor Service Management.

  • What membership is right for me?

    If you’re a licensed company or other end user that is not involved in reselling, supporting or servicing SYMIX, SyteLine or Infor software products or services, the End User Membership is the one for you. Companies and individuals who sell computer hardware, software, support or service to substantiate the use of the Infor software package should select the Vendor Membership option.

  • What is the SUN conference?

    The annual SUN conference is held at a different location each year and features informative sessions as well as a powerful keynote speaker. The conference allows our members to be fully immersed in an environment of networking with like-minded individuals who find value in our powerful support system.

  • How big is SUN?

    SUN is comprised of more than 500 companies, 1,600 members and 60 vendors.

  • Is SUN a non-profit?

    Yes. Founded in 1988, SUN is an incorporated non-profit organization that is, at the core, driven by the dedication of volunteers.

  • What is the SUN Hall of Fame?

    Each year at the Annual User Conference, the SUN board admits one or more deserving inductee(s) to our Hall of Fame. This is our way of thanking the inductees for their hard work and dedication to the Syteline User Network.

  • My company needs a W-9; where do I get one?

    Visit the Resource Library and select the “W9 Forms” category or download it W9-2022

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