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"The SUN user group gives my company a greater voice than would otherwise be possible. My company by itself does not have very much influence with Infor, but concerns and requests brought up collectively through the user group are amplified and have a greater impact.”

image description Brad HarrisonUser

“The SUN group are experts at pulling relevant SyteLine specific content, customers and vendors together. Being a member of this group gives you a voice in the SyteLine and Infor community. They also have direct contacts to SyteLine experts in all areas. You need something, they know who you should talk to. 

The Lake Companies has been a vendor at the annual SUN Conference for many years now. It has always been a successful and anticipated event to showcase Shop-Trak, Doc-Trak, Fact-Trak and Beacon-Trak. 

In general, the SyteLine community is a selling point for SyteLine, however, the SUN group amplifies that to a whole other level. Keep up the good work.”

image description Stacy RuckelVendor

“The SUN group and especially the annual conference give users a place to get help with issues and share successes with others using the same software and often in the same or similar industries.”

image description Dean GibersonVendor

“SUN provides insightful perspectives on the SyteLine system to assist my team to prioritize upgrades and development. Connecting with others who are familiar and resourceful with the product is very valuable for us.”

image description John NienhuisUser

“I have been to many conferences over the years. Whether I was just starting with Symix, moving to Syteline or upgrading versions, knowledge sharing and networking has undeniably been the key piece of the conference(s). However, in the recent years, we can do the same over LinkedIn discussions.

The main component that I have found: I always come back from a conference pumped up and excited about new features, new things to try. We have our daily jobs that can become routine and boring. Fortunately for me, when I participate in a user group conference, I come back with increased level of enthusiasm about what Syteline can do for our company, more energy to interact with users, more energy to do my job.”

image description Walter DorciakUser

“The annual SUN conference is a great venue for SourceDay. It offers us the best way to interact with customers looking to expand their Infor Cloudsuite Industrial (Syteline) systems and showcase our integrated software solution.”

image description Clint McReeVendor

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